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Site Launch: Switching to BillSeaver.com

Two weeks ago I announced that I’m making several changes with my business. Today the new site that represents all of these changes is live. Please visit BillSeaver.com to check it out.

Once you’re there please subscribe to the email and take a look around. I’d love to hear your feedback on the site.

From now on, I will post all new updates and news at the new site. I will no longer be promoting MicroExplosion Media or posting to microexplosion.com. This blog feed will be moving over to the new blog so if you’re a subscriber, you shouldn’t have to do anything.

On The New Site:
You’ll find information about a podcast I’m launching next week along with my new coaching programs on the new site. I’ll continue to take speaking requests and of course the consulting too. In some ways I’m not changing that drastically from what I have been doing for the last few years and in other ways this is a pretty major shift.

If you have any questions or need to contact me for any reason, please visit the contact page on BillSeaver.com.

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Announcement: A Necessary and Exciting Change

Change is good. Change is scary. Change hits different people different ways.

I, for one, usually like it and what I’m embarking upon is no different. Later this week I’m changing several things with my work because I’m making a slew of changes:

First, this site (microexplosion.com) will no longer be the place to find me. I’m officially launching billseaver.com. If you’re a feed reader to the blog, fear not, we’re going to be able to port you right over to the new feed.

Second, I’m launching a series of coaching groups and coaching opportunities. Actually, I’ve already launched one group. We met for the first time last month. It was great and there are more groups. More on that soon at the forthcoming billseaver.com.

Third, I’m launching a podcast. It should be live next week. That’s the plan anyway. If you know me at all, you probably know I don’t like to do things like most people and this podcast will be quite different from most business podcasts. Stay tuned…to billseaver.com.

What’s Changing and Why
I’ve been known as a social media marketing consultant for eight years now. It’s been a great run but a little over two years ago I started quietly and deliberately expanding the type of work I did for clients. It stretched well beyond social media into product development, brand positioning and even some organizational consulting…and yet it all had a marketing aspect to it too.

What I’ve realized over these few years is that I have a methodology and message about what marketing means now and I’ve applied the ideas to my clients and have seen them work. I think they will work for many people. Most people actually. That’s why I need to change. I have a marketing message I want to get it out to thousands or millions of people.

Let me be clear, I still do consulting work. I still help companies and organizations, but how I help them is broader than what I’ve done in the past. I’m adding some new services and expanding the ways I hope to get the message out, but in some ways this is a continuation of what I’ve been doing for a while now. In other ways it’s a very new course forward. I’ve been pivoting my work for a while and now I’m ready to make it known publicly.

The new site, new services and a few other announcements are all coming soon. As a someone who reads this blog, I figured you should know first.


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The Magical Nature of January For New Business Opportunities

Last week I sent an email to a handful of people who, like me, work largely by themselves and are responsible for both the sales and delivery of what they do. There’s a magic about January that I had to share:

All of you, like me, are in the business of landing business. Sure, we provide a service, but ultimately we have to get more business to stay in business. Over the last several years I’ve observed that January is the very best month to land new business, get meetings with prospects and set the initial trajectory for the next year.

Although it’s only January 8, I’ve already seen this play out many times for me in just the last week. Crazy, but true:

  • People I couldn’t get to respond in November or December now want to have lunch.
  • Prospects who wouldn’t commit are now ready to talk about working together.
  • Clients who weren’t sure if they were going to extend contracts are making decisions to keep moving.

On the one hand there’s really nothing magical about January, but on the other hand there is. There are new budget years, new goals, personnel changes, adjusted priorities and a general willingness to begin figuring out what’s ahead. That’s why people like us need to be proactive this month.

So, my encouragement to all of you (and the reason for this email) is to push hard for the next few weeks. Send that email to the person you’ve been wanting to connect with. Revisit a conversation with someone who had been putting avoiding you before the holidays. Set a bunch of lunches and coffee meetings and phone calls. The best time to capture an opportunity of a lifetime is during the lifetime of that opportunity.

In my experience, January is a month with lots of opportunities. If your year is off to a slow start, put a hit-list together of people you need to connect with and start contacting them before this weekend. If your year is off to a quick start, keep pushing.

It’s January. Take advantage of it.

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Passive Attention: More Active Than You Think

Attention has always been important in marketing and promotion. It used to be based on demanding attention. Just watch an episode of Mad Men to get a glimpse of that mindset.

More recently it shifted to earning attention. I’m a huge advocate of shifting the attention need from demanding attention to earning attention. In a day and age when people filter most of the attempts at grabbing their attention, the best path forward is earning their coveted attention rather than demanding it and hoping you’re lucky enough to cut through the filters.

A Third Realm Of Attention
But there’s another realm of discussion when we think about attention: passive attention. It’s not something you can demand. You may or may not earn it, but think about how easily a group of people can begin generating attention for your brand on their own without your knowledge or consent. Or, perhaps more practically, think about the people who may be paying attention to aspects of your brand, service, products or experience that you’re not really focused on? That’s passive attention: attention you didn’t ask for but are getting anyway.

You may think this sounds great or it may scare you to death. Passive attention will be largely positive if your company performs well. Positive passive attention wins. But think about all the ways you may be generating negative passive attention like:

  • When your packaging is hard to open.
  • Your instructions are convoluted (or not included).
  • Your “policy” says you can’t help me.
  • Your website is confusing.
  • Your sales rep is arrogant or annoying.
  • Your client tells me she regrets hiring you.
  • Your billing system doesn’t work.
  • Your phone system tries to prevent me from talking to a real person.
  • The food is cold when it arrives at my table.
  • Your customer service rep gives me wrong information.

Negative passive attention is what you get when you fail to meet a person’s expectations or you break a promise to them. What makes this particularly dangerous for a business today is that it doesn’t take long before your customer’s 300 friends on Facebook find out about it and then a percentage of them share it with their 300 friends.

This is why there is virtually no line between the business your organization conducts and marketing.

Everything is marketing now.

Photo credit: “Around the house on a cold winters day” by davebloggs007 via Flickr.

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