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The Art Of A Meaningful Email: Real-Life Example

I’m going to guess that when you think of email you don’t think positively about it. It’s regarded as one of those necessary evils of the modern worker. You want to sort through and be done with it. People declare … Continue reading

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Social Media Crisis? Try the OFF Method

This might be a wake up call, but social media has altered the style and tone your company should use in its communications. This will never be more evident than when you’re dealing with a crisis. You need to be … Continue reading

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How To Have An Awkward Conversation: 5 Steps

You know that feeling you get when you need to talk to someone about that uncomfortable topic and it’s just time to finally address it? Yeah, I hate that feeling too. When you know it’s time to have that conversation, … Continue reading

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The Best Question You’ve Never Asked

Several months ago I was hired by a non profit organization here in Nashville to help them assess their marketing team and strategy. They had a marketing director vacancy and the organization’s CEO wanted to be sure he understood the … Continue reading

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