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The Magical Nature of January For New Business Opportunities

Last week I sent an email to a handful of people who, like me, work largely by themselves and are responsible for both the sales and delivery of what they do. There’s a magic about January that I had to … Continue reading

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Passive Attention: More Active Than You Think

Attention has always been important in marketing and promotion. It used to be based on demanding attention. Just watch an episode of Mad Men to get a glimpse of that mindset. More recently it shifted to earning attention. I’m a … Continue reading

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To The Green And The Gray: Do This One Thing

Over the last few weeks I’ve been talking about the Green and the Gray. I believe there is a gap in many businesses between these two groups, but they both very much need each other. Their companies need them to … Continue reading

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Why The Green Need The Gray

Last week I launched a new series of posts about the Green and the Gray. The follow up to the initial post was why the Gray need the Green. Today’s post looks at the other side: why the Green need … Continue reading

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