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The Made South Approach To Everything Is Marketing

Chris Thomas has been an entrepreneur waiting to happen his entire life. Like many of us who have entrepreneurial leanings, he’s had his share of good and bad ideas, but a year ago something started to stick. He had been … Continue reading

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Case Study: The $1,000 Tweet

I’ve spoken about my work with UpDesk previously and one of the things I love about the brand is how they use Twitter. It’s their social network of choice because they have been able to connect with a wide range … Continue reading

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Interview: My Leadership Story

Last week I had the opportunity to sit down with John Kramp and David Atchison, the two guys behind an organization called The Riverstone Group and a great leadership podcast called Your Leadership Story. I’ve been a part of The … Continue reading

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The Myth Of The Aha Moment

I blame Oprah. Apparently she’s responsible for “aha moment” becoming a common phrase and getting added to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary in 2012. Of course people have been using this phrase for a long time. Oprah, it seems, just made it … Continue reading

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