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Site Launch: Switching to BillSeaver.com

Two weeks ago I announced that I’m making several changes with my business. Today the new site that represents all of these changes is live. Please visit BillSeaver.com to check it out. Once you’re there please subscribe to the email … Continue reading

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Announcement: A Necessary and Exciting Change

Change is good. Change is scary. Change hits different people different ways. I, for one, usually like it and what I’m embarking upon is no different. Later this week I’m changing several things with my work because I’m making a … Continue reading

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The Magical Nature of January For New Business Opportunities

Last week I sent an email to a handful of people who, like me, work largely by themselves and are responsible for both the sales and delivery of what they do. There’s a magic about January that I had to … Continue reading

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Passive Attention: More Active Than You Think

Attention has always been important in marketing and promotion. It used to be based on demanding attention. Just watch an episode of Mad Men to get a glimpse of that mindset. More recently it shifted to earning attention. I’m a … Continue reading

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