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The Magical Nature of January For New Business Opportunities

Last week I sent an email to a handful of people who, like me, work largely by themselves and are responsible for both the sales and delivery of what they do. There’s a magic about January that I had to … Continue reading

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It’s Never Too Late For “New Years” Resolutions

Today is February 17, 2014…exactly 48 days since the new year started. We’re already two federal holidays, one national holiday and a Super Bowl into the year.  If anyone is thinking about their new year resolutions at this point it’s … Continue reading

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Is Blogging Dead Or Just Our Interest In It?

There’s a little something that dies in the soul of a marketer with a long history in social media consulting when he realizes it’s been almost two months since his last blog post. Using the holidays as an excuse can … Continue reading

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Writing For Inspiration Versus Inspired Writing

There are two kinds of writers: those who write when they are inspired and those who write for inspiration. They are two very different approaches. The one who writes when they are inspired will drop what they’re doing to ride … Continue reading

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