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How it all began

In 2005, Bill Seaver was the Executive Vice President at a small marketing agency in Nashville. The website developers at the agency kept sending him links to a new video site called YouTube. Bill got interested in this new platform. Then clients started asking about MySpace, blogging and podcasting. Bill got nervous. He didn’t know anything about that so he started reading…a lot. It became a mild obsession to understand what the emerging “web 2.0″ stuff was all about.

By mid-2006 Bill was living a double life. By day he was still working for the agency but by night he was blogging, connecting with other new media marketers, testing new technologies that came out and trying to get a handle on what it all meant for businesses.

Bill was convinced the world was changing and all the new technology that was empowering people to create their own content, publish and connect easily with other people was going to be big. He thought it might be a game-changer for how any business would engage customers so in January, 2007, Bill left the agency and started MicroExplosion Media, a social media marketing consulting agency.

Now, eight years later, he’s still doing what he sought to do back in 2007: learn, connect and help people understand this changing world and how it impacts their business. Today, the lines between social media, traditional marketing, advertising and PR are much more blurry. Bill helps companies figure out how to succeed in a world where the customer has more influence than ever and the rules of engagement have changed dramatically.

Who is Bill?

Bill lives in a suburb of Nashville, Tennessee with his wife and three kids.
Bill has written over 1,000 blog posts on the blog since 2006.
Bill launched a crazy little entrepreneurial venture in 2007 called My Slice of Pi.
Bill usually prefers books and magazines  on paper rather than on a screen.
Bill was featured twice on Seth Godin’s blog.
Bill likes his coffee strong and black.
Bill stands up most of the day at his UpDesk.
Bill helped start a church in 2010.
Bill and a business partner launched a venture called Epic Frequency in 2012.
Bill has written a children’s story book that he hopes will be published in 2013 sometime.