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Change For The Blog: Intention Versus Inspiration

Happy 2013! I know we’re seven days into the new year but I took a little blogging break during the holidays so I’m back in the saddle now. The break was good and gave me a chance to reflect on where this blog has been and where it’s going. It is hard to believe that I’m a few months away from my seven year anniversary of blogging. While the break was both restful and reflective I had to come to terms with something that’s been nagging me about this blog for a few months…it’s time for a change.

Time For A Change
Last year, I must admit, was my slackiest (that’s not a word but you get the picture) year of blogging. I rarely felt like I had anything good to share and even when I did I had a hard time forcing myself to write the posts. My most consistent efforts were the stats posts on Mondays and my videos on Fridays. While I was happy to post them, I didn’t feel like I was really saying much there…just reposting things I found elsewhere and that was never what I wanted the bulk of my blog posts to be. I had to admit to myself that over the last year when it came time to give priority to various aspects of my work I consistently moved blogging to the bottom of the list.

As I’ve pondered where the blog should go this year I’ve known I can’t approach it the same way I did last year. If it’s going to continue (and it is) it’s time for a change. I need to be more intentional about what I’m doing. Therefore, I’m going to double down on the blog for 2013. Blogging is not dead and I’m ready to push through the slump.

Intention-Driven Blogging Vs. Inspiration-Driven Blogging
Blogging isn’t easy. I’ve known that in my head but I forgot it in my heart last year. I think one of my biggest problems was that I waited for inspiration for posts and when the inspiration never came I was at a loss and would let another week pass by without a decent post.

This year I’m going to be more intentional. I’m charting out topics I can speak to and then, if inspiration occurs, I can add it to what I’m doing, but not rely solely on inspiration as the primary driver for my posts. Inspiration was the fuel for this blog for the last six years. It’s time to change the fuel to something more reliable: intention. Therefore the plan for this year is to enter each week with a schedule of blog categories and posts that I can write associated with them. I think what will also happen is that I’ll find more inspiration along with way and it will be more abundant too.

The Plan For 2013
I’m going to keep the Monday and Friday posts like I’ve done in the past but I’m adding Tuesday and Thursday posts with a bit more focus. The weekly schedule will be:

Mondays: Stats post – This is what I’ve done for over a year and will continue to share social media and marketing stats that seem interesting and applicable.

Tuesdays: Social media marketing strategy, practice, and advancement – This is basically what I’ve tried to do in my midweek posts over the last few years but this year I’m dedicating Tuesdays to this purpose. There’s a lot to talk about here and now that I’m going to be more intentional about what I’m writing rather than hoping for inspiration I’m excited to restart this area of the blog with more focus.

Thursdays: Business, leadership, and entrepreneurship – This is a new category and something I haven’t done much of in the past. I continually find myself in situations where I’m either learning or consulting about things broader than both social media and marketing. I have a client right now, for instance, where I’ve probably done more leadership coaching and personnel management guidance than anything related to social media. I’m going to take Thursdays to explore and discuss these broader topics. I’m particularly excited to add this to the blog for 2013.

Fridays: Video of the week – My trusty standby series for years has been the video of the week posts. I’ve only missed my Friday video a couple of times since I started it several years ago and it continues to be a series that breaks the ice for me with people I work with and with prospects I meet. There’s no way I’m getting rid of it.

So there it is. I’m committing to push forward with the blog this year with a plan and with intention. Now the hard work begins…and I’m excited to get started.

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