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Monday’s Stats: Apple Versus Samsung Edition

There were a couple of interesting stats out this week about Apple and Samsung and their phone and gadget battle for domination over the last several years. If you’re keeping score at home, Apple scored a new victory in the mobile phone market but Samsung is gaining ground in the tablet battle…but still has a long way to go.

Late last week it was announced that Apple has become the top mobile phone maker in the United Stats for the first time. While iPhones have been widely popular for several years now, the sheer numbers were still in favor of other manufacturers and Samsung was the big one. There are also rumors that Apple is developing a cheaper iPhone now too…and that would help cement this newfound position in the market.

On the tablet front, the iPad is still leading the market but Samsung and Amazon are narrowing the gap a bit. And by a bit, it’s a wee little bit. They’re still not even in the same ball park. While on the one hand things are looking up for Samsung (they grew their tablet sales over 200% at the end of 2012 compared to the end of 2011 and they also took the number two tablet maker spot from Amazon) they are still way behind Apple. Apple has 43% of the tablet market. Samsung as it’s next closest competitor only has 15% of the market. It’s still an iPad world when it comes to tablets.

BONUS SUPER BOWL STAT: This has nothing to do with Apple or Samsung, but since the Super Bowl was yesterday I thought this stat was worth mentioning: according to a recent survey of people who were going to watch the Super Bowl, 75% of them view the advertisements as entertainment. It’s the one time a year when people who are normally annoyed by commercials and do their best to move past them sit back and take them in. It’s an interesting thing indeed. This data just reiterates that Super Bowl ads validate the shift in marketing and the need for a new marketing mindset.

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