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Monday’s Stats: Email, CEOs on Twitter & Facebook Loyalty

Email Still On Top
For all the talk about the popularity of Facebook and other technologies, a new study shows that email isn’t going anywhere. New data shows that email is used by 94% of Internet users. That’s more than search engines, checking the weather and social networking.

Social Media CEOs Still Rising
In 2010 only 36% of CEOs of the top 50 largest companies in the world were doing anything with social media. That number has continued to rise according to new data that shows by 2012, this number was up to 66%.

Organizations With Most Loyal Facebook Fans
While most Facebook stats talk about sheer numbers of fans particular pages have, a new study sought to find the pages with the most loyal fans. It turns out that the organization with the most loyal fans is St. Jude Children’s Hospital. After that are Facebook, Google, and Walt Disney World.

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