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Monday’s Stats: Facebook for Small Business & Brands Listening To You

Small Businesses Like Facebook
According to Facebook’s director of small business, the social network is popular with small businesses around the world. They now have 15 million small and medium size businesses with Pages. This is  up 40% in 2012 but perhaps the most interesting thing to come out of the director’s presentation is that 70% of small business Pages managed by third parties have little or no engagement. I’m going to have to write a whole post on that soon.

Should A Business Listen (and Respond) To What You Say?
eMarketer shares some interesting data here about consumer sentiment about brands listening and responding to things they post online. There are some major differences between generations here. In a world where it’s easier for brands to listen and respond to customers, this is some fascinating data worth pondering. The two graphics give the breakdown of responses:

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