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Monday’s Stats: Gender & Generational Behavior Online

Boomers Thru Millennials Are Online
When I do social media training seminars and presentations I almost always start with some current demographic data about what various generations are doing in social media. eMarketer has a lot of interesting information comparing the use of both mobile devices and the Internet in general between the Baby Boomers, Gen X and Millennials. Overall, 75.7% of all Americans are going online each month in the U.S.

Baby Boomer stats usually surprise people most so here’s one of the many charts provided in the research brief.

Women Use Social Media More
A new study from Weber Shanadwick found that the “percentage of female Internet users who use social networking sites well exceeds that of men (75% vs. 63%, respectively,) and women are also more active in their use of these sites.”

The study found that the vast majority of women in North America are on social network and they’re quite active with this activity:

  • 86% have a social media account/profile
  • Women surveyed averaged 2.2 accounts/profiles
  • 81% are on Facebook
  • They spend an average of 12 hours per week using social media
  • 19% say they know some of their best friends only through Facebook or Twitter
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