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Monday’s Stats: Pinterest, LinkedIn Milestone & Teens Like Tumblr

Pinterest Users Spend More Than Twitter Or Facebook Users
A huge infographic about Pinterest from Fast Company last Fall revealed that Pinterest users spend a lot more money at brand websites than users who come to the same websites from Twitter or Facebook. As the image to the left shows, Pinterest users are spending an average of $179.36 when they follow links to brand sites and Twitter and Facebook are $68.78 and $80.22 respectively.

LinkedIn Reaches 200 Million Users
LinkedIn announced that it attained a milestone last week in reaching the 200 million user mark. Just for a point of perspective, Facebook has a billion users worldwide.

Teens Choosing Tumblr Over Facebook
According to a recent survey, teens between 13-18 years old and young adults between 19-25 years old are using Tumblr more than Facebook or any other social media platform. According to the survey, 61% of the sample group use Tumblr while 55% use Facebook. Whether this is a trend or not certainly remains to be seen but this is interesting data.


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