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Monday’s Stats: Moms, Mobile & Windows Tablets

Nine out of ten moms use social media. “Overall 91% of moms are using social media regularly, the BabyCenter-comScore survey found, up 20% from 2010.”

Mobile commerce (M-commerce) is up in the first quarter of 2013. “Mobile commerce climbed 31% in the first quarter from a year ago, fueled by growing tablet use and improved customer service, M-commerce now accounts for 17.4% of total online retail sales, up from 13.3% in the year-earlier period.”

Windows tablets are off to a quick start. The launched late last year now account for a little over 7% of the entire tablet market. That’s not much compared to what Apple and Google do, but considering they’ve been out of this space entirely, that’s a really good step forward for them.

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