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Monday’s Stats: Oscars, Online Video & Starbucks

Lots of Social Media Buzz On Oscar Night
Last night’s Academy Awards generated a lot of social media buzz. In a day and age when most people watch TV with another screen in the lap or hand, the realtime discussions and commentary about nation wide events is becoming commonplace. Last night’s Oscars were no exception. There were 66.5 million total Facebook interactions during the broadcast and 8.9 million Tweets during the same time.

Online Video Declines Slightly (But Still Huge)
Online video is still huge and has been growing for years but in January, the total online views counts dipped according to new ComScore data. The amount of online video views in December, 2012 reached 11.3 billion but in January, 2013 the number was down to 9.1 billion. Again, this is still a huge number on online video views in the month (and a lot of people were home watching video during the December holidays apparently), but this still marks a downturn compared to other months in 2012. The bottom line is this will be interesting to see if it’s an anomaly or an emerging trend.

Most Expensive Starbucks Drink Ever
This has nothing to do with social media but as a daily coffee drinker and Starbucks frequenter I have to share this. A man (and former Starbucks barista) in Washington went into Starbucks to order what is being called the most expensive Starbucks drink ever. The total price for his coffee order was $47.30. Here’s the video to prove it:


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