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Monday’s Stats: Record Election Tweets & Google+ Floundering

Image credit: Mashable.com

Most Tweeted Event Ever
Last week’s election pushed social media use up to a new level. According to Twitter it was the most Tweeted event ever. By 10pm on election night there had already been 31 million Tweets and after the decision was final there were 327,000 Tweets per minute at its highest rate.

Google Employees Not Using Google+
In a report that was quite interesting (and telling) about Google+, it turns out that nearly one third of Google employees with Google+ accounts haven’t used their page in over a month. As someone who’s not convinced about Google+ sticking around it’s fascinating to see that Google has a difficult time getting some of their own employees to buy into as well. I’ve been curious about the Google+ adoption rate and now we’re getting a better perspective of it from people who should be more inclined to use Google+.

Small Percentage of Facebook Fans See Your Posts
This data isn’t new but I just found out about it last week thanks to a post from my friend Laura Click. I’ve long wondered just what percentage Facebook users actually see a post from a brand’s Facebook page and it turns out that on average it’s 16% of the fan base. This is a good gauge for those of us who look at Facebook’s Insights with regularity.

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