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Monday’s Stats: Super Bowl, Publisher’s Gone Digital & Facebook’s TV Impact

More People Want Super Bowl Ads Than Game
With this week’s big game upon us the annual “ads versus game” debate will kick off once again. You know the one…do you watch the Super Bowl for the football or the advertisements. It turns out some research has been done on this topic and more people tune in for the ads than the actual game. According to this new study, 39% of Americans surveyed prefer the ads and 28% prefer the football game. I’m not sure where the other 33% of people will be…perhaps watching Downton Abbey instead.

All Publishers Will Have Gone Digital By End of Year
100%. That’s how many publishers will have gone digital by the end of this year according to a new eMarketer report. It’s finally reached the saturation point…and digital publishing is officially normal now. This is even more remarkable when you consider that only five years ago half of publishers were doing anything with digital publishing.

Facebook Helps People Discover TV Shows
Another interesting study from eMarketer shows that Facebook is impacting how Americans watch TV. According to the study, it has the highest referral rate of any other social media platform for discovering new shows. It’s also the first digital platform people turn to for discussing TV shows.

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