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Monday’s Stats: Tablets, Email Success & Doctors Using Social Media

Table Use Perks Up At Night
There continues to be a lot of talk about tablets and their relative place in people’s lives. A new study found that while smartphones are used steadily through a day, tablet use soars in the evenings. Between 8pm and midnight, tablets use jumps to 87% above the average amount of use. I suspect many times this is happening while people are also watching television.

Why You Should Send Important Email In The Morning
Email marketers are always looking for the best times of day to send their email in order to get the highest amount of response. A new report and infographic from GetResponse shows that the best time of day to send email newsletters or marketing updates is between 6am and noon. The study also shows that the best chance of success for people to look at your email is within the first hour after you send it. After that the likelihood that they’ll open it falls off dramatically.

Doctors Using Social Media Now
A few years ago I was working with an organization seeking to connect with doctors through social media and we pretty quickly realized that was a difficult task because most doctors at the time had not yet adopted social media into their daily use. According to a new survey from Pfizer, 24% of doctors now use social media in a professional capacity every day. The catch here is that the social media platforms most of them use are not the same things you and I use. Only 6.8% of them use a common social media platform like Twitter while 52% use physician-specific social media platforms and medical society membership sites.

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