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The Magical Nature of January For New Business Opportunities

Last week I sent an email to a handful of people who, like me, work largely by themselves and are responsible for both the sales and delivery of what they do. There’s a magic about January that I had to share:

All of you, like me, are in the business of landing business. Sure, we provide a service, but ultimately we have to get more business to stay in business. Over the last several years I’ve observed that January is the very best month to land new business, get meetings with prospects and set the initial trajectory for the next year.

Although it’s only January 8, I’ve already seen this play out many times for me in just the last week. Crazy, but true:

  • People I couldn’t get to respond in November or December now want to have lunch.
  • Prospects who wouldn’t commit are now ready to talk about working together.
  • Clients who weren’t sure if they were going to extend contracts are making decisions to keep moving.

On the one hand there’s really nothing magical about January, but on the other hand there is. There are new budget years, new goals, personnel changes, adjusted priorities and a general willingness to begin figuring out what’s ahead. That’s why people like us need to be proactive this month.

So, my encouragement to all of you (and the reason for this email) is to push hard for the next few weeks. Send that email to the person you’ve been wanting to connect with. Revisit a conversation with someone who had been putting avoiding you before the holidays. Set a bunch of lunches and coffee meetings and phone calls. The best time to capture an opportunity of a lifetime is during the lifetime of that opportunity.

In my experience, January is a month with lots of opportunities. If your year is off to a slow start, put a hit-list together of people you need to connect with and start contacting them before this weekend. If your year is off to a quick start, keep pushing.

It’s January. Take advantage of it.

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