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How To Find What Your Customers Will Pay Attention To

Lori asked a great question on yesterday’s blog post. I started to respond to her in the comments and realized the answer may be one that other people are asking so I thought it would be more helpful as a … Continue reading

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Why I’m Leaving WordPress For Something Better

Within the next few weeks this blog (which is also my company website) will move away from WordPress. For the first time since I launched the business in 2007, I’ve found something that I think is far better. I’m moving … Continue reading

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5 Things To Remember When You Respond To A Jerk

Yesterday I got a call from a friend who just started blogging for his company. Wouldn’t you know the first comment he received was from a jerk? You know a jerk…the kind of person who isn’t so much interested in … Continue reading

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5 Things Social Media Won’t Change About Business

This may not need to be said to you, but I’ll say it just in case: social media isn’t a mystical pixie dust you throw on your products or services and sit back to watch the magic happen. It doesn’t … Continue reading

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