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Why You Should Question The Content Of Your Own Posts

I just deleted an entire blog post I worked on tonight. It was probably somewhere around 400 words long and it’s gone. Deleted. Forever. It’s gone because it was garbage. It wasn’t good. I thought there was a point to … Continue reading

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Why I Blog Even When I’m Too Busy To Blog

I gotta admit, I’m too busy to blog right now. At this moment I have a bunch of email I haven’t responded to yet, invoices to send out, several phone calls to return, an article to complete for another blog, … Continue reading

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Survey: Blogs Still Most Critical Social Media Tools For Business

Two years ago if businesses were interested in social media they were probably thinking about blogs. Then YouTube got the attention. Then it was all about Twitter and the Facebook craze was right on the heels of Twitter. What’s interesting, … Continue reading

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