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Seth Godin: Old Media Made For Marketers. Internet Wasn’t.

I was listening to a Q&A session with Seth Godin on the Marketing Over Coffee podcast today and Seth said something really interesting. He said radio was built for marketers. So were televisions, newspapers, and magazines. Without marketers and advertisers, … Continue reading

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Case Study: Blogging Even Works For A Gunsmith

About a year ago I started working with Jeff Mims, the owner of Mossy Creek Custom. Jeff is a gunsmith who was launching his business in the Nashville area. I encouraged him to start blogging as the primary means of … Continue reading

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One Question Marketers Don’t Want To Ask Themselves

I have said before that the average American is targeted with an average of 4,000 advertising messages everyday. We can’t remember even ten of the 4,000 ads from yesterday because we have great filters in place to keep them out … Continue reading

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When Your Content Lacks Focus, Remember “Me”

If you know me or have been reading this blog long you know I’m a firm believer in the idea of compelling content being the best way to use social media tools. That’s what the whole “Old McDonald” approach to … Continue reading

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