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Why Google+ Isn’t Drawing the Masses (And Might Never Succeed)

If you want to see a social media marketer squirm in his or her seat just ask them about Google+. They’ll squirm because like most of us they’re not too sure what to make of it and are certainly not … Continue reading

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With Facebook Data, Bing Just Changed Online Search

Yesterday Facebook and Bing announced a new alliance that has all the makings of changing search as we know it. That may seem like a dramatic statement but I think this news is significant enough that it could get you … Continue reading

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10 Things For My Mom Now That She Has A High Speed Internet Connection

It’s official. Everyone in the country has high speed Internet access now. How do I know that? Because my mom is getting it (tomorrow to be exact) and I’ve always known she would be the last person in the country … Continue reading

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Web 2.0 beats traditional advertising methods…and Google Trends proves it!

I spent some time on Google Trends today as I was thinking about web 2.0 tools for marketing compared to traditional marketing methods. You may recall I consider traditional promotion strategies the big fish of marketing (and I advocate going … Continue reading

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