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Monday’s Stats: iPhone 5 Pre-orders, Corporate Blogging & Social Media B2B

Facebook Edges LinkedIn In B2B Ad Dollars A new study shows how marketers are spending money on various social media platforms in both the B2C and B2B markets. Facebook topped the list in both cases even edging out LinkedIn in … Continue reading

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Monday’s Stats: Politics, Facebook & Social Media Use By The Fortune 500

Fewer People Do Political Posts Than You Think With the presidential election season well underway, it may feel like your Facebook news feed is dominated by political posts, pictures and rants from all of your friends, but a new study … Continue reading

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Monday’s Stats: Photo Tagging and Fake Social Media Accounts

Majority Location Tags Photos If you’ve ever location-tagged a photo you posted onto a social media account, you’re in the majority. According to new data, 62% of people have tagged the location of their photos in social media profiles and … Continue reading

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Monday’s Stats: iPad Owns Tablet Market, Men Scan QR Codes & Power of Reviews

iPad Still Dominates Tablet Market Nobody has doubted Apple’s dominance in the tablet market since they launched the first iPad a few years ago but new data that came out in June shows just how deep their dominance is. According … Continue reading

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