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Measuring Social Media: The L.A.C.E. Method

In my experience, the discussions around “social media metrics” are an opportunity for people who don’t want to try social media to provide a seemingly legitimate reason to avoid wading into social media waters. They can play this card because, … Continue reading

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Why “Web Strategy” In Now An Unnecessary Idea

A few weeks ago I came across a social media presentation online that included a slide with the image you see here. I don’t know how the presenter described the slide, but he appeared to be laying a foundation for … Continue reading

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If You Can Go to a Party, You Know How to Act In Social Media

Social media conversations are no different from going to a party in real life. In the same way that you look for good conversations at a party, people seek the same thing online. In the same way you avoid people … Continue reading

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Why Twitter Is Killing Blogs And That’s Not A Good Thing

I like Twitter. I joined Twitter in early 2007, quit using it after a few weeks, and then wrote about getting interested again. I’m glad to see the recognition it’s getting from traditional media today. I’m glad to see the … Continue reading

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