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Book Review: Seth Godin’s “The Icarus Deception”

I should admit from the outset that I’m a big Seth Godin fan. I’ve read most of his books and read his blog regularly too. In fact, it’s because of his book, Purple Cow, that I started blogging almost seven … Continue reading

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7 Great Quotes from Seth Godin’s “Poke The Box”

I have been fascinated by the thinking, writing, and example of Seth Godin for many years now. In fact, at one point I wrote a post called “How To Seth Godin Yourself” which was based on my observations of Seth. … Continue reading

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The Gift And Bait Spectrum: Evaluate Your Content

Last week I had an ongoing discussion with Ann Handley from Marketing Profs that started with a Tweet I posted about unsubscribing from their email lists. Ann was quick to respond and was very helpful. The conversation moved from Twitter … Continue reading

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The Ship List: A Better Way of Meeting Goals

A recurring theme on Seth Godin’s blog last year was the idea of “shipping” projects. His thesis is that it’s one thing to have a bunch of ideas but another thing entirely to actually turn those ideas into something and … Continue reading

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