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The Two Things Needed To Change Your Marketing

Many companies seem to be looking to change their marketing these days. Actually, that’s not true. A lot of companies are considering trying some new marketing approaches these days. They have become enamored or curious about the new social media … Continue reading

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Traditional Marketing Doesn’t Matter As Much (As It Used To)

Last week I was in a meeting with people from a number of different organizations all discussing a common issue. I was the “social media” guy at the table with a few traditional marketers with various specialties along with non-marketing … Continue reading

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Seth Godin Sums Up What I Do

I read Seth Godin’s blog regularly but hadn’t looked at it in a few days until I received an email from Jeff today who said I needed to see his post about digital coaches from yesterday. The point of Jeff’s … Continue reading

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Two Types of Blog Posts: The Meal and The Snack

If you have blogged for any time at all you have inevitable wondered about blogging frequency. You’ve probably asked questions like: Am I blogging enough? Am I blogging too much? How many blog posts should I write each week? I’ve … Continue reading

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