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What I Learned From Going To Third Grade Twice

Most people don’t know I went to third grade twice. Since my birthday is in late September my mom wanted to hold me back in Kindergarten because I was a year younger than all the other children starting school the … Continue reading

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Why You Should Strike While The Iron Is Cold

Undoubtedly you’ve heard the phrase, "strike while the iron’s hot." It means we should take advantage of an opportunity while the opportunity before us. It makes sense for sure but I wonder if we can get stuck waiting for hot … Continue reading

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What You’ll Learn About SEO At the Upcoming Boot Camp

In just under two weeks, John Ellis and I will be participating in the Social Media and SEO boot camp here in Nashville, Tennessee at Lipscomb University. I recently had the chance to talk about the social media portion of … Continue reading

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How Dog Poop and Social Media Have Something To Teach Your Business

Last week I was mowing my lawn and encountered some dog poop in a portion of my yard that connects with a neighbor’s yard. This was no ordinary dog poop incident. It was as if a pack of wild dogs … Continue reading

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