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Why Social Media Is Not Awesome

I’m one of thousands of people talking about social media these days. There are several breeds of us social media consultant types and we’re all prone to be quite bullish about the prospects of social media. In fact some of … Continue reading

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15 Obstacles You’ll Face In Social Media

Most social media discussions seem to talk about all of the benefits and opportunities available for your business, yet I can’t help but think that a lot of it is interpreted as over-hyped happy talk and not real business advice. … Continue reading

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What I Learned From Going To Third Grade Twice

Most people don’t know I went to third grade twice. Since my birthday is in late September my mom wanted to hold me back in Kindergarten because I was a year younger than all the other children starting school the … Continue reading

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PR Guy And Reporter Show Why Listening Is Important [Video]

I recently discovered this video of a confrontation between a news reporter and a PR guy (embedded below.) It’s a bit uncomfortable to watch because you have a PR guy who won’t keep his hands to himself and clearly has … Continue reading

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