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Why This Matters: 64% of Internet Users Want Content And Conversation

I think that on a daily basis I say the phrase "there are two sides to the social media coin: content and conversation." If you have ever been around me talking about social media you’ve likely heard me say this. … Continue reading

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Stats With Infographic: Fortune 100 Companies Using Social Media

When I talk to people about social media, particularly people who work for corporations, they almost always want to know what other businesses are doing, especially the big brands. Earlier this year Burson-Marsteller released their data about Fortune 100 companies … Continue reading

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The Bible Sniffer: My Favorite Social Media Story Ever

One of my personal favorite social media experiences over the last few years is also one of my favorite social media stories. It’s the story of the "Bible sniffer" a blogger who was exactly the right person for one of … Continue reading

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3 Social Media Lessons From A Haircut

Jessica cuts my hair. She’s been doing it for about four years now. I used to go to her particular shop because it was close to my house and reasonably priced. When I first started going there I would let … Continue reading

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