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Why You Should Strike While The Iron Is Cold

Undoubtedly you’ve heard the phrase, "strike while the iron’s hot." It means we should take advantage of an opportunity while the opportunity before us. It makes sense for sure but I wonder if we can get stuck waiting for hot … Continue reading

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5 Ways To Incorporate The iPad Into Your Social Media Strategy

This is a repost from my May contribution the Social Media Examiner. The original post generated some great discussion and my hope is that by reposting it here on my own blog it will reach some of my readers who … Continue reading

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What You’ll Learn About SEO At the Upcoming Boot Camp

In just under two weeks, John Ellis and I will be participating in the Social Media and SEO boot camp here in Nashville, Tennessee at Lipscomb University. I recently had the chance to talk about the social media portion of … Continue reading

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PR Guy And Reporter Show Why Listening Is Important [Video]

I recently discovered this video of a confrontation between a news reporter and a PR guy (embedded below.) It’s a bit uncomfortable to watch because you have a PR guy who won’t keep his hands to himself and clearly has … Continue reading

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