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Infographic: 2012 Social Media Stats

Looks like I’m doing a double dose of social media stats this week. I saw this referenced by my friend Ben Stroup and thought it was worth sharing on this blog as well: Infographic by- GO-Globe.com

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Monday’s Stats: Mobile Video and Coupons On The Rise

4 Hours and 20 Minutes Per Month: The average amount of video being watched on mobile devices. If you’re still not sure about online video’s reach, this stat should help push you over the edge. 95%: The percentage of Americans … Continue reading

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New Social Networking and Internet Use Stats

Social media and internet stats are something I’m always keeping my eyes on as key indicators of growth, decline, or change. Here are several interesting social and internet stats from a new Arbitron survey that are worth noting: Social Networking … Continue reading

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State of the Internet: Great Stats (Via Video)

This is a great video to give us a sense of how big the Internet is worldwide today. Be sure to pay close attention to the social networking and online video stats. If it’s not clear that the Internet today … Continue reading

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