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Blogs Will Kill The Web Design Star

I think the business of website development is going through a major shift. With the power of current blog platforms and the ease with which they can be used as a valid alternative to traditional websites, I believe small web … Continue reading

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Web 2.0 beats traditional advertising methods…and Google Trends proves it!

I spent some time on Google Trends today as I was thinking about web 2.0 tools for marketing compared to traditional marketing methods. You may recall I consider traditional promotion strategies the big fish of marketing (and I advocate going … Continue reading

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My Old Web 2.0 Notes of Randomness

Tonight I found a legal pad I haven’t used since sometime in early 2006. This is the pad I used when I was first beginning to sort out a lot of the early web 2.0 stuff that I’d been reading … Continue reading

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Messaging 2.0

I had the chance to do the web 2.0 overview presentation to a group of marketing professionals today consisting mostly of graphic designers and copywriters (and I also said I’d give a shout out to Ben H. who asked if … Continue reading

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