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Five YouTube Tips Marketers Might Not Know

Today’s guest blogger is Kyle Johnson, an artist manager with Michael Smith and Associates in Nashville. I met Kyle last Fall and have continued to stay in touch with him. I discovered recently that he’s doing a lot with YouTube in his work and has picked up several good tips for marketers along the way. Thanks for being my guest blogger today Kyle.

One of my current favorite tools in my social media marketing toolbox is YouTube. With
over 1 billions searches a day, over 800 million unique users each month and over 4 billions hours of video watched each month it is my go to site for video

Those statistics show people are going to YouTube, searching for various topics and
are consuming lots of videos. But how can social media marketers use YouTube to their advantage? Here are five ideas.

1.  The high production value myth. Let’s get over one misnomer: your video content does not have to be world class. YouTube users like videos that are a little “down and dirty.” I’ve encouraged my clients to shoot video with their phones.

In my day job as an artist manager, I’ve witnessed one of our artists (Go Fish) see sales
spike as a result of a fan posting what amounts to a PowerPoint presentation for one of
their songs, “Christmas With A Capitol C.” That video with zero production value has gone on to have over 18 million views.

Also, there are several fantastic apps that allow you to do some minor editing (like a fade in/fade out) that will be well worth your time and investment to use.

2. Correct keywords are important. If we know lots of people are searching on YouTube, then having specific keywords about your video is very important. Use keywords that describe the topic of your video but are also generic. I also use the author’s full name and their Twitter handle as a keyword.

3. Correct video title is important. Say the file name of your video file is
“Batman_Is_My_Hero.mov”. Once uploaded to YouTube, that becomes the
default title. That can be edited and changed to remove underscores and the .mov.
This little change makes you look like you’re a pro.

4. Correct links in the description are important. YouTube has recently
started allowing users to put links that are clickable in the description. That means
you can send people who are watching your videos back to your website, the hub of
all your social media activity.

5. Claim your channel. YouTube allows you to setup your own YouTube channel. This allows you to have a specifically branded URL and fully customized background. Check out Volkswagen USA’s channel. They have incorporated a unique background and links to Volkswagen’s other social media platforms. Users can also subscribe to your channel and get updates of new videos in their inbox. Here is a helpful link on information on how to setup your YouTube channel if you’re ready to get started.

These are just a few reasons why social media marketers should be using YouTube.

What has worked for you and YouTube? Have you employed a method that has been
successful for you?

– — –
Kyle Johnson is an artist manager with Michael Smith and Associates (michaelsmithandassociates.com) with a love of all things social media marketing.  He also helps set social media strategy for his church (ClearView Baptist in Franklin, TN) and pastor (Mark Marshall.)  Follow him on Twitter (https://twitter.com/kylebjohnson), Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/kylebjohnson) and Instagram (http://instagram.com/kylebjohnson).

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  • http://flybluekite.com Laura Click

    Great tips, Kyle! You mentioned there are a number of apps you can use for basic editing – which ones do you recommend? I’d love to see what options you think are best.

    • http://www.kylebjohnson.com Kyle Johnson

      Hey Laura. Thanks for the comment and question! I am an Apple guy, so I use the iMovie app on my iPhone that not only allows me to do the fade in/fade out, but I can add a picture at the front of the video. I’ve worked with a group of marketers from a hospital chain. They’re going to shoot video on their iDevices, add a pic of the hospital to the front and then upload directly to YouTube from the app. It works great!

      Filmic Pro is another app that I’ve worked with a little bit that works great.

      Both of these are available in the Apple App Store.

      Hope that helps!

      • http://www.microexplosion.com bseaver

        Thanks Kyle! Great info.