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How To Change Your Twitter Name Without Losing Followers

Sometimes a company wants to change its Twitter handle from one name to another and that was the situation I encountered with one of my clients recently. The client, UpDesk, started with the Twitter handle, “myupdesk” because the handle “updesk” wasn’t available at the time.

A few months ago we acquired the “updesk” Twitter handle but by that point there were well over 1,000 followers on the “myupdesk” Twitter account. The concern, as you might suspect, was how to make the switch to the new and preferred name without losing followers. It’s actually so much easier than you might think:

In this video I’ve shared how it’s actually a quick and easy process and you won’t lose a single follower. In short, you’re not actually switching accounts, rather you just want to log into the account with the desired name and then release that name to be claimed by the account you’ve been using all along.

The whole thing takes just a couple minutes. You’ll be delighted by how easy this is.

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