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Is It Worth Getting Tangled Up In Vine? Perhaps.

Several years ago it seemed like a new social media technology was getting launched every week. While there’s still no shortage of innovation, the pace of new tools and platforms seems to have slowed. What’s also slowed is the public’s enthusiasm to jump on the latest thing with the intensity that it used to. While that means it more difficult to have a quick success than a few years ago, the upside to this environment is that if something really begins to make waves there must be something to it. Enter Vine…an app that launch in January.

In January Vine was introduced to the public. Twitter owns Vine, a mobile app that allows users to post short (6 seconds maximum) looping videos to their Twitter feed or Facebook profile. Undoubtedly they wouldn’t have received all the buzz they did in January if it weren’t for the Twitter ownership connection, and immediately businesses were trying to figure out if there’s something in it for them.

It Depends
Vine is a video platform, albeit a very short video platform, and therefore it’s a content generation tool. In the same way that Instagram changed how many people post photos online, I think Vine has a shot at doing something similar. The fact that you’ve never shot video quite like Vine plays to their advantage. There’s no editing. There’s no video rendering or uploading. You just take a quick video or series of short shots that are automatically compiled over the six seconds, and you’re done.

Is it for your business? It depends. If you have an active Facebook or Twitter page, you might as well try supplementing some of your activity with a few Vines (I think that’s what we’re calling Vine videos) to see if it gets you more engagement. It’s certainly not hard to try and the app is free.

Businesses Giving It A Shot
Since the only barrier to entry with Vine right now is owning an iPhone, a lot of brands have jumped in. Here are several trying the medium out, and note that in almost every case they’re intending to push these Vines to their other social media outlets:

If you have an iPhone to download the app and if your business has a social media following that engages with some regularity, it’s worth giving Vine a shot. Try posting three Vines a week for three weeks and see how they fare compared to photos, videos and anything else you post on a regular basis.


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