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15 Ideas For Creating Interesting Blog Content

If I have a single blogging mantra it is this: provide content that will be valuable to the people you’re trying to reach. It’s that simple: provide content (information, ideas, experiences, etc.) that will be valuable (meaning something that’s worth giving attention to) to the people you’re trying to reach (your "target audience(s)" to use a good old fashioned marketing term).

I’ve been teaching and advocating people consider the Old McDonald approach to content for a few years now. It seems to be helpful for my clients but here’s another take on the same idea. Here are seven things you can do (or aspire to do) with your content to be valuable:

  1. Make your audience laugh.
  2. Make your audience cry.
  3. Make your audience smarter.
  4. Make your audience money.
  5. Give your audience confidence.
  6. Give your audience perspective.
  7. Give you audience lessons from your experience.
  8. Show your audience how to do something.
  9. Show your audience how not to do something.
  10. Show your audience what to do in a particular situation.
  11. Tell your audience about wild successes.
  12. Tell your audience about devestating failures.
  13. Tell you audience where the boundaries are.
  14. Introduce your audience to people who do something well.
  15. Introduce your audience to people who failed and learned a hard lesson.
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  • Bill A


    Oh yea, that’s Africa by Toto. Guess I’m an old guy to remember that.

  • Bill Seaver

    Yep, Bill. You’re the winner with Africa by Toto. I remember listening to that when I was a kid I think my dad got it on a compilation tape when he bought an Oldsmobile as I recall.