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3 New Facebook Changes Worth Knowing

Facebook seems to be on a rampage of changes and updates lately. Perhaps the IPO has something to do with that. A few weeks ago they released their new Pages app for iPhones which filled a helpful gap in mobile Page management, particularly since it’s been reported that Facebook content published via third party tools suffer 67% fewer likes than those published through official Facebook channels.

New Admin Levels

The first big change is the addition of new admin levels. This is great for any organization that has several people involved with their Facebook page. Likewise, it may mean you’re able to add more admins given the ability to restrict some access. For instance, you might want to give some people the Insights Analyst option so they can see all the stats but won’t be able to do anything else.

The chart included here shows what each role allows. To make the changes, select the “Edit page” option in your admin panel and then select the “Admin roles” to access all the admin levels.

Scheduled Updates
The next big change is the option to schedule your updates. One of the benefits of using third party tools has been the chance to schedule things you want to share when you’re not in front of your computer or using the mobile app. With this change you can schedule updates up to six months in advance.

You’ll see a new clock icon on your updates bar and from there you can schedule whatever you want. Here are the official instructions to do it from Facebook.

Promoted Posts
Finally, in what may is a pretty shrewd business move on Facebook’s part, you can now pay to have particular updates show up in your fans’ news feeds. I’d recommend you check out the explanation video on Facebook’s info page about this, but basically you can pay anywhere from $5 to a few hundred dollars to push an update to your fans. As you might expect, you reach more people the more money you pay…and Facebook tells you immediately how many people you would reach with each dollar amount.

What’s interesting about this is that Facebook advertising has been largely about getting new followers but didn’t work so well with your existing fans. Now, you have a way to buy you way in front of your own fans. It will be interesting to see if brands can measure direct success to this. I know in a few cases my own clients are going to shift Facebook advertising money to promoted posts for a short period to test the new opportunity.

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