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April Blogging Challenge: Blogging Daily. You In?

I admit it. I’ve been slacking on blog posts this year. When I started blogging in 2006 I wrote a blog post every weekday for over a year. After that I pulled back to three or four posts per week and then a couple of years ago I developed my steady “meal versus snack” ratio of posts where I started doing one “meal” post and two “snack” posts per week.

Then this year happened. It’s been really busy, really exciting, and really challenging to keep my blog posts going. So it’s time to step it back up.

Last week I mentioned to Jason Elkins of Transparent Social Media that I was seriously considering blogging every weekday during the month of April. I wanted to go back to my blogging roots and force myself to write (or otherwise create via video, images, etc.) five posts per week.

To my surprise Jason said he wanted to join me in this little venture so we can keep each other accountable through the process…and here we are.

So today I’m announcing my commitment to post every weekday during the month and then I’ll report back on what I learn from this experiment in early May.

If you would like to join Jason and me this month, please let us know. I’ll add a link to any participating blogs and blogger in updates to this post.

April Blog Challenge Participants: 


Photo credit: Basheer Tome

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