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Mark Driscoll responds to Bill Hybels criticism

What happens when public criticism around a theological hot-button issue involving two well known Christian leaders meets blogs and YouTube? This.

There are many interesting things to observe here like the number of blogs that will speak to this in the coming days or whether Bill Hybels will issue any kind of response to Mark Driscoll. There will be blogs vehemently for and against each of these guys with another share of people taking the middle ground stating they respect both of these guys and don’t want to take sides. Few if any people will change their views on the topic and some people will become emboldened and others will be dismayed. But here’s what I’ll be watching: the views.

I’m going to be watching the view count on the YouTube video over the next few weeks. There are currently 3,820 views as of 12am CST on Monday, April 30. Could this break the 100,000 view mark over the next few weeks? Are there enough people who care about this issue? Will they watch just to see what got Bill Hybels upset? I don’t know exactly what we’ll find, but the pace of growth may tell us more about the perceived importance around this discussion in Christianity than any of the bloggers will.

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