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Moday’s Stats: Foursquare, Facebook Influence, & A Facebook Milestone

Foursquare officially hit the 10 million user mark
a few weeks ago. Though Foursquare doesn’t get all the attention it once did, I think mobile geography-based social networking and retail incentives are here to stay.

25% of consumers visit an official Facebook page for a product or retailer at least once a month. Even more interesting is that 20% of consumers said that Facebook pages have been “influential” or “extremely influential” in a purchase decision.

Facebook officially now has 750 million active users. Half of them access the site “any given day.” More interesting (and recently updated) stats are available on the Facebook stats page. 


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  • Michael Smith

    Thanks for posting this suggestion. Looking forward to seeing the results.

  • Bill Seaver

    Thanks guys. If either of you see significant results, I’d love to hear from you personally about it and what kind of impact it has for you.

  • Ray

    Great tip! Although it was on there, I had failed to list as such and did not think about the http:// part. Thanks again for your work and for sharing! Have a great week!