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Monday’s Stats: Facebook Creates Jobs, Newspaper Sites Grow & Smartphones Up

Facebook Leads To Jobs
Over 18 million people claim that Facebook is the reason they have their current job. According to a post on Mashable, Facebook is leading the way in a massive wave of social media serving as a means to help people find jobs. LinkedIn and Twitter were also cited in the report as being significant in helping people find new jobs.

Newspaper Websites Growing
While newspapers as we’ve known them are on the decline, their online versions are actually on the rise. According to a comScore and Newspaper Association of America report, more Americans spent more time on newspaper websites in 2011 than they did in 2010.The traffic growth is up 15% while time on sites are up 14%. News is certainly not dead…but the newspaper as it always has been probably is.

Almost Half of American Adults Have Smartphones
In a sign of the mobile times, a new Nielsen report shows that 48% of adult Americans now own a smartphone. This is up from 44% in mid-2011. Knowing that people are browsing mobile sites from home and on the go, it’s clear that every business should have a mobile web plan as part of its Internet strategy.

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