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Monday’s Stats: Facebook, G+, HDTV, & YouTube

Ever wondered how to increase engagement on your Facebook page? This study shows that photos get the most engagement of anything on Facebook. Video is just behind it followed by standard text. Facebook’s changes several months ago made the timelines more photo-centric, so this isn’t a big surprise but now we have data to back up the suspicion.

Google+ is now boasting claims of over 90 million users. Despite what appear to be general hesitations to jump into Google+, people are still signing up. You need to keep an eye on this if you’re not already.

This was an interesting stat: 69% of American households have at least one HD television. This was a little higher than I expected but interesting nevertheless.

Meanwhile on the smaller screens (though not for long), YouTube videos are now being watched four billion times per day. Per day. Read that again in case you missed it: 4 Billion videos PER DAY. Tell me again why you’re not doing more with video?

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  • Bill Seaver

    Thanks for the comment Erin. I couldn’t agree more!

  • Erin

    Great advice! More companies should adopt this strategy and be less afraid to open up comments on their blog and thus promote better conversation about their product or service.

  • Floyd DePalma

    Good post Bill… and thanks for helping me with that jerk the other day.

  • Matt Martin

    Bill, I was out to dinner a week or so ago with person who owns and runs several auto repair shops in Nashville who ran into a similar situation. In this instance it wasnt a jerk but someone who wasnt happy with the service they received at one of his shops and they vented on an online forum.

    He immediately wanted to rebut all of their comments. My advice was to take the high road, let them know that he is concerned that they were not happy with the service (which he was), and reach out to them to make it better. Its a different play on the scenario that you listed here.

    At the end of the day people want to be heard. By listening and letting them know that you get it, it makes the customer happy and lets potential customers know how you do business.

    Good stuff!


  • Bill Seaver

    Matt, great advice for your friend. When it’s a disgruntled customer I think it’s even more important to take the high road because you want to take that bad situation and work with them in such a way that they’re more endeared to you after the incident than they were before it happened. Thanks for the comment!

  • Bill Seaver

    Thanks Floyd. You bet!

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