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Monday’s Stats: Facebook Slows, Tablet Wars, & Instagram

Facebook Growth Slows But Still Soars

As Facebook continues to dominate the social networking landscape, new stats show that its growth is actually slowing. According to a new report from eMarketer, Facebook only grew 13.4% in 2011. Twitter, however, 31.9% in 2011. Facebook still stands well above Twitter in actual users. As you can see in the chart, Facebook is well above Twitter’s smaller user base.

iPad Owns Majority of Tablet Market
Some new data released recently shows that the iPad accounted for 62% of all tablets shipped in 2011. The study shows that the Kindle Fire stole a little bit of the thunder away from the iPad at the end of the year but last week’s announcement for the upcoming new iPad will undoubtedly kick iPad interest into high gear. In fact, it’s already sold out all the preorder stock.

Instagram Growth Continues
The popular photo app for iPhones, Instagram, announced that they have 27 million users now. They’re also planning on launching an Android version soon.

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