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Monday’s Stats: Google+ Declines, Tablets Steal Time, & Facebook Preferences

Google+ Losing Traction

According to comScore, Google+ is still struggling for relevance as evidenced by a steady decline is usage. A new report out shows that the average amount of time spent on Google+ was down to just 3.3 minutes in the month of January. In November, 2011 the amount of time spent on the site was only moderately better at 5.1 minutes. Despite claims that Google+ is the next big thing it’s clear that the average online user in unconvinced to the point that they only give it the same amount of time that it takes to prepare a bag of popcorn.

Tablets Take Time From Traditional Devices and Media
I think this report falls into the “No Surprise Here” category. A new Forrester study shows that tablet users turn to these devices instead of other media. Laptops, desktop computers, and books are the top three things tablet users use less.  Less impacted, however, was television. The article shows that “85% of tablet owners say they use their tablets while watching TV, according to a prior Forrester survey. In fact, Nielsen discovered that 30% of tablet usage occurs while watching TV.” So you can rightly assume that 30% of the time people are using an iPad they also have the TV on. Interesting opportunities here for marketers.

3rd Party Content Publishing Hurts Your Facebook Efforts
In a very interesting report from Hubspot last week, they revealed that content published through third-party API tools suffered 67% fewer likes than content published manually via Facebook.com. In other words, people who use a tool like HootSuite or TweetDeck to push content over to their Facebook pages are seeing a significant decrease in the amount of traction the post gets. Facebook appears to be giving preferential treatment to content being published directly through the Facebook page interface itself.

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