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Monday’s Stats: iPad Dominates, Pinterest Sets Record, & YouTube Owns Us

You almost can’t escape Pinterest talk these days. New stats about the site’s staggering growth are coming out weekly. Last week comScore released new stats about Pinterest’s growth showing that they’ve officially reached the much coveted “hockey stick moment” when growth begins to happen rapidly and exponentially. The team at Techcruch is calling it “hair dryer growth” since 18-34 year old women are propelling the growth. Whatever the case it appears Pinterest has reached 10 million unique visitors a month faster than any other independent website. Not bad for a two year old website.

Recent stats about tablets show that Apple is holding steady at 88% of all tablet-related website traffic. For all the devices on the market, if someone’s coming to your website from a tablet you can almost guarantee that it’s from an iPad.

Speaking of dominance, YouTube is still king in online video. In October, 2011 there were 88 billion videos viewed on YouTube. Equally interesting is that the same study showed that the average American Internet user watches 286 online videos per month.

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  • Bill Seaver

    Good point John. I don’t know how it was defined for the study.

  • John Ellis


    I would be curious what their definition of “use” is. As you know, there is a difference between just having accounts and actively using them.