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Monday’s Stats: iPad Owns Tablet Market, Men Scan QR Codes & Power of Reviews

ipad-use.gifiPad Still Dominates Tablet Market
Nobody has doubted Apple’s dominance in the tablet market since they launched the first iPad a few years ago but new data that came out in June shows just how deep their dominance is. According to the eMarketer report, 76% of all tablet users use an iPad this year. The data shows this number is lower than even a year ago as tablets like the Kindle Fire and Nook have come on the market and been upgraded with more iPad-esque features. 

Men Scan QR Codes Much More Than Women
The use and usefulness of QR codes has been debated a bit over the last few years. Marketers keep using them and, despite what naysayers have said, QR code scan growth continues. Interestingly, men scan QR codes at dramatically higher rates than women. According to the ScanLife Trend Report, 69% of all scans are from men. 

Reviews Better Than Likes
Earning trust from consumers is more important than ever as people are bombarded with so many marketing message today. In a recent survey, Internet users said they are more influenced by reviews than by Facebook likes. According to the survey, 41% of respondent said reviews on sites increases trust in a brand. Getting "likes" was less significat, coming in at 33%. 

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