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Monday’s Stats: Mobile Email, Digital ROI, & Tablet Wars

An October, 2011 survey revealed that marketing managers are not very confident in the ability to measure ROI for online marketing initiatives. For instance, only 47% believe they can effectively measure email marketing ROI and 26% believe they can measure ROI for social media.

With the continued growth of mobile devices, the rate of emails being opened on mobile devices was up 51% in the first half of 2011 according to some new data.

Tablets like iPads and the Amazon Fire have been popular items this holiday season. A new study by Retrevo reveals that 79% of people surveyed would by an Android tablet that had features similar to an iPad 2 if the cost were less than $250. The debate over features, platform, function, and price continue to be interesting to watch in the tablet wars this year

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  • Judith Barber

    We give you all the credit for getting us off the ground… with confidence. We did not want to come out of the gate without some expert guidance. I HIGHLY recommend you to anyone who recognizes SM as a vital element of their marketing structure. It used to be that you were not considered a “real business” without a website. Now you have to be ‘find-able’ through SM, or you are somewhat suspect:)

    You are the best! Merry Christmas

  • Drew

    This is a great post and a good reminder to work on engaging fans. This is something I’ve been thinking about how to improve. Many businesses have no idea how to use social media effectively. Keep up the great posts.

  • Cathy Glass

    I don’t write anything on mine, because I can’t get to it easily. I have to go to my main page and then search for it. Is there an easier way?

    It’s weird. I have finally “gotten it” as far as the importance of this and what you are supposed to do, and then I quit writing anything, even though I finally have some valuable information to share.

  • Byron

    Good post Bill. I’m afraid we probably fall in the 3rd spot. Definitely something we need to work on.

  • Bill Seaver

    Thanks for the comment Byron. The good news about knowing where you are is that you know where to start to change.

  • Kevin Thompson

    I agree, Bill. I’m terrible with my FB fan page. I’ll eventually “get it,” but right now I’m talking to myself.

  • Bill Seaver

    Thanks Kevin. Yes, you’ll get it! Keep up the great work.