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Monday’s Stats: Mobile For Travel, Haul Videos & Boomers Online

139459.gifAre You Part of the 2%?
A new study shows that Americans are continuing to use their mobile devices throughout their travel. New data from eMarketer shows that only 2.2% of smartphone and tablet users don’t travel with their devices when they go on vacation. Of course that means that 97.8% of us do.

Haul Videos Sparking Apparal Purchases
Haul videos have been popular on YouTube for a few years now but it sounds like they’re increasingly having a financial impact on shopping decisions. According to this MediaPost article, haul videos will account for 57% of all apparal shopping this year. If you haven’t heard of haul videos, they’re worth understanding further.

Boomers Still Not Online As Much
No surprise here, but new data from eMarketer shows that Baby Boomers (adults between 50-64 years old) are online less frequently than younger demographics. Whereas a little over 78% of Gen X (30-49 years old) are online daily, only 58.5% of Boomers are.

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