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Monday’s Stats: Netflix, Online Video, Facebook, & Ebook Sales Hit New Mark

I’m back from a week of vacation and for the first time I took the entire week off from blogging. I have to admit, it was nice…but I’m back now so on with our Monday Stats:

Netflix Streaming Tons of Video Daily

As a recent resubscriber to Netflix I’ve been interested in seeing how it’s changed since I was last on it well over a year ago. It’s grown a lot and they’re seeing 30 million streaming plays per day right now. They also announced that 75% of users select movies based on the recommendations. Netflix is trying to use all the data they have to continually improve their recommendation engine.

Online Video Use Continues To Soar
Speaking of streaming video, new data shows that 30% more users watch online video now than a year ago and the average user is watching 21 hours of online video each month.

Variety of Facebook Data
Last week Mark Schaefer released a variety of interesting Facebook data in partnership with Edison Research. Of particular note was that 7% of Americans still haven’t heard of Facebook.

Ebook Sales Surpass Hardcover Sales
In what is being considered the first major breakthrough of ebook sales compared to print sales, there was an announcement last week by the Association of American Publishers that publishing houses made more money from ebook sales than hardcover book sales in the first quarter of this year. Pretty interesting.

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