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Monday’s Stats: New iPad, Social Politics, & Multitask Distractions

Record iPad Sales

According to a news release from Apple, the new iPad, which launched on March 16, sold 3 million units in its first three days.

My Friend Thinks What???
In one of the more interesting studies I’ve seen in a while, a Pew Internet study recently found that 38% of US social network users discovered via a post on Facebook or a similar site that they had a serious political disagreement with a friend. It looks like the more we’re connected with people the more we’re finding out what all of our friends really think.

Multitasking for More Media Consumption
A new eMarketer report showed that Americans are “multitaskers” of media because of all the different ways they can (and do) consume media simultaneouslyy. This report focused on how marketers may have a harder time getting people to pay attention but what struck me was the stat that revealed that in 2011, Americans were getting more than 11 hours of media content into an average day. The numbers are that high because of double counting for “multitasking” scenarios.

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  • Edwin Crozier

    Wow. That was actually very moving.

  • Bill Seaver

    Thanks for the comment Edwin!