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Monday’s Stats: Pinterest Disrupts, Average Facebook Friends & QR Codes Lag

Pinterest Stealing Attention

According to a new report from Compete, Pinterest is stealing attention away from other social media sites. The study shows that 25% of Pinterest users are diverting attention away from sites like Facebook in order to spend it on Pinterest. The report also confirms what other reports have shown: Pinterest drives sales. According to the report, “about 25% of consumers reported purchasing a product or service after discovering it on Pinterest, and jumped to 37% amongst males.” The bottom line here is that Pinterest continues to show that it’s a not going anywhere soon.

Are You An Average Facebook User?
A Pew Research report from earlier this year shows that the average Facebook user has 245 friends. Facebook users who become fans of brand pages, however, have an average of 359 friends, presumably, because they’re much more active on Facebook. Interesting data as you evaluate your own fans. Are they above average? There’s an easy way to calculate it.

QR Code Adoption Still Slow
Marketers have loved the idea of what QR codes could bring in the age of smartphones and constant, mobile Internet connectivity. Consumers, however, haven’t been so keen on snapping pictures of those little black and white squares. According to a new eMarketer study, consumers and marketers are missing each other and that’s one of the big reasons QR codes aren’t taking off as quickly as people thought a few years ago. The study shows that 25% of American smartphone owners have scanned a QR code over the last year but many confess they’ve only done it once. 43% of consumers did say they would scan a QR code if it offered some kind of coupon or discount.

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