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Monday’s Stats: Politics, Facebook & Social Media Use By The Fortune 500

Fewer People Do Political Posts Than You Think

With the presidential election season well underway, it may feel like your Facebook news feed is dominated by political posts, pictures and rants from all of your friends, but a new study from Pew Research about social networks and American politics shows that it’s really only a vocal minority. According to the study, 84% of social network users say they have posted “little or nothing related to politics in recent status updates, comments or posts.” 

Facebook Growth Slowing
In the “no surprises here” category of the news section, it looks like Facebook’s growth is slowing. As of last month Facebook had 950 million (yep…almost a billion) users. The pace of growth has slowed considerably as the numbers show, but one could make the argument that they’re running out of people to actually join the network at this point. Time for them to focus on China?

Many Fortune 500′s Still Slow With Social Media
A recent study by Genesys of Fortune 500 companies and their promotion of their social media pages on their website revealed that “while 51% of Fortune 500 businesses do not provide a link to their Facebook profile on the Contact Us page of their Web site, 55% don’t provide a Twitter handle. About 27% of consumer-facing Fortune 500 corporations do not list social media channels on their Web site home page, 89% do not list an e-mail address on their site, and 13% don’t list a phone number on their Contact Us page.”

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